Art in the Islamic world was often portrayed in the form of a garden – relating the lush gardens in the hereafter with here and now. Unfortunately, this art paradise of ours on this earth has not been tended and has grown two major problems – the growth of weeds and pests. The pest of our time is Modern Art itself. It is repulsive, infantile, deconstructive, and requires no expertise. In the words of Ayn Rand, “I do not know which is worse: to practice modern art as a colossal fraud or to do it sincerely”. Modern Art critique such as Donald Kuspit, Michael Fried, Harold Rosenburg, Hilton Kramer, and Aurthur Danto have all pointed out that Modern Art has taken a wrong turn in experimenting anew like an infant but not like an adult. The second major problem experienced in this paradise of ours is the growth of weed – unwanted toxic growth of cheap imitations sold as “Islamic”. The modern mass produced “Islamic art” is ubiquitous in every home and mosque in the form of plastic decals, wall hangings, plaques, drapes, zikr beads, and prayer rugs. It is cheap to mass produce these factory made art but cheaper to decorate homes and mosques with it. Part of my art manifesto or mission is to inspire a modern Islamic art movement to challenge all the cheap plastic imitations worth 99-Cents or less with tacky gold and silver glitter labeled “Made in China” from entering homes and mosques here in the US and beyond and to replace it with original art made with excellence.



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I express my intellectual longing for creative ideas through Islamic art by fusing colors, lines, dots, and words together to inspire a meaning worth imagining. My work explores universal values of love, life, faith, prayer, beauty, and divine that synthesizes feelings and pictograms through lettering.
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