My Advice to Aspiring Artists: V. How to Turn Failures into Learning Curves

By: F.K. Art Intern Nimah Bhura

Everyone fails in life, whether it’s in school or at work. Sure, you might be the best at your job or the smartest student in school, but, there will always come a point in time when you make a mistake. It’s true, that mistake can scar your entire career, but only if you let it. Your mistakes should aid your success, rather than regressing it.

As an artist I’ve experienced multiple failures, but I haven’t let them stunt my growth. Instead, I’ve used them as a learning curve; I understood what I did wrong and improved my technique. Although it takes effort, the second try is always better than the first. Next time you mess up or make a mistake, study your failure and try again.

Author’s Bio: I am a High School student just trying to learn more about art. I own 5 galleries and over 100 pieces of my work are featured all over the world— I wish. I am just trying to communicate a message to anyone who will listen, even if that is just my parents.

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I express my intellectual longing for creative ideas through Islamic art by fusing colors, lines, dots, and words together to inspire a meaning worth imagining. My work explores universal values of love, life, faith, prayer, beauty, and divine that synthesizes feelings and pictograms through lettering.
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